Farming Practices

Ol Turtle Farm

Ol Turtle Farm at work


Ol Turtle Farm Crops

Fresh Ginger

Ol Turtle Farm in Autumn

Sudex—Part of our Fertility and Weed Management Programs Cover Crops—preparing the Field for Winter

The entire farm is managed in a natural sustainable way.  There are no synthetic chemical pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers used.  A strong cover crop program, crop rotation and beneficial insect habitats together with compost and some organic fertilizers are used for fertility and to promote insect and disease control.

Click on this link to watch the short video produced by the University of Vermont on Sustainable Farming.

It is our vision at Ol’Turtle Farm to foster an understanding of the essential connection between the well-being of people and a sustainable system of agriculture, of the need for the safe keeping of precious agricultural land and of the importance of a locally-based food system.

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